Re: Damory Castle (Court)
Posted by Brian Tompkins on 7/7/2000 8:38:36 AM.

Damory Court was the seat of Roger Damory a descendant of the D’Amorie family who were given the lands by William I. Roger Damory was the last possessor of the Manor, and was a prominent figure during the reign of Edward II. He fought in the wars of Scotland, was Constable of Corfe Castle during the year 1320-1321, also Warden of the Forest of Purbeck and was summoned to Parliament as a Baron by the reigning King. Later, however, he took part against the King with Thomas the Earl of Lancaster and died in a march into the north. He was buried in the Priory at Ware.

Two pubs take their names from the Damory Estate, which from the 16th century to the 18th was owned by the Ryves family.

The D'Amory Arms in Salisbury Road opened in 1954 in the former D'Amory Court Farmhouse and bears for its sign the Damory coat of arms, a blue hand on a red and white background.

The Damory Oak which takes its name from the original Damory Oak was a huge hollow tree. During the 17th century Civil War and later, an old man sold ale from the cavity, which was big enough to hold 'near 20 men'. After the great fire of Blandford in 1731 the tree is reputed to have housed two homeless families in its hollow trunk.

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