Charbourgh House is in Charbourgh Park which lies alongside the A31 between Wimborne Minster and Bere Regis. The picture shows the Stag Gate, which along with the Lion Gate is very familiar to motorists traveling this route.

The Park is surrounded by one of the longest brick walls in England built between 1841 and 1842 by the then owner of the Park J.S.W. Stawbridge-Erle-Drax who had successfully had the new Wimborne/Dorchester turnpike moved further away from his house. More than 2 million bricks were used in the wall, but unfortunately for Stawbridge-Erle-Drax - who was also its chief promoter - the turnpike lost money, mainly because the railway between Wimborne and Dorchester opened shortly afterwards.

The current House is in the centre of the park and incorporates parts of the house built by the commander of the Parliamentary forces which besieged Corfe Castle, Sir Walter Erle (stone and timber taken from Corfe Castle were used in the building). The house has been owned by the same family since Elizabethan Times, and there surname is now Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax

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