William George Hawtry Bankes [1835-1858]
Victoria CrossOn 19 March 1858 at Lucknow, India during the Indian Mutiny, Cornet Bankes led three charges against a body of fanatical rebels who had rushed the guns in the vicinity of Moosa-Bagh. In the course of these charges the young officer was almost cut to pieces. He died of his wounds 18 days later.

A stained glass window in the parish church of St. Nicholas at Studland provides the memorial to the son of deceased M.P. George Bankes. It is reported that he cheerfully spoke to The Times correspondent, William Howard Russell - about going sailing again - as he lay dying of his horrific wounds.

The award was presented personally to his mother by Queen Victoria at the family home of Kingston Lacey House and is now on display at The Queen's Own Hussars Museum (Warwick, Warwickshire, England)

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