Thomas Pride [1835-1893]
Victoria CrossOn 6 September 1864 at Shimonoseki, Japan, Captain of the After Guard Pride was one of the two colour sergeants who accompanied the midshipman, D.G. Boyes, from HMS Euryalus when they carried the Queen's Colour into action in the capture of the enemy's stockade. They kept the flag flying in spite of the fierce fire which killed the other colour sergeant and severely wounded Pride. He and the midshipman, however, did not falter and were only finally prevented from going further forward by direct orders from their superior officer.

After retiring from the Marines, Thomas moved to the new Poole suburb of Parkstone where he became a Toll Collecter, living with his family in the Toll Gate House on Bourne Road.  Thomas Prides's Victoria cross is on public display at the National Maritime Museum (Greenwich, England)

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