Reginald Clare Hart [1848-1931]
Victoria CrossOn 31 January 1879 in the Bazar Valley, Afghanistan, Lieutenant Hart, while on convoy duty, ran some 1,200 yards to the rescue of a wounded sowar of the 13th Bengal Lancers, lying in a river bed exposed to the fire of the enemy on all sides. He reached the wounded man, drove off the enemy and with the help of some soldiers who had accompanied him, carried the casualty to safety. Lieutenant Hart's award was published in the London Gazette on 10 June 1879.

Reginald Clare Hart was born on 11 June 1848 in Scarriff, Co. Clare and was schooled at Cheltenham College. He was later to achieve the rank of General, his other awards included the GCB, KCVO and Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal.  During the First World War he served as Lieutenant Governor of The bailiwick of Guernsey.  Reginald died on 10 October 1931 at Bournemouth. He was a member of the Hart family of Netherbury where is is buried in St. Mary's churchyard. 

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