James Welch [1889-1978]
Victoria CrossOn 29 April 1917 near Oppy, France, Lance-Corporal Welch entered an enemy trench and killed one man after a severe hand-to-hand struggle. Then, armed only with an empty revolver, he chased four of the enemy across the open and captured them single-handed. He handled his machine-gun with the utmost fearlessness, and more than once went into the open, exposed to heavy fire, to search for and collect ammunition and spare parts in order to keep his guns in action, which he succeeded in doing for over five hours, until wounded by a shell.

James Welch, who later achieved rank of Sergeant, was born at Stratfield Saye on 7 July 1889 and died on 28 June 1978 at Bournemouth where he was cremated.  His Victoria Cross is on public display at the Glocs, Berks & Wilts Regiment Museum, Salisbury.

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