Eric Charles Twelves Wilson [1912-
Victoria CrossFrom 11 to 15 August 1940 at Observation Hill in Somaliland (now Somalia), Captain Eric Charles Twelves Wilson kept a machine-gun post in action in spite of being wounded and suffering from malaria. Some of his guns were blown to pieces by the enemy's field artillery fire. Eric Wilson personally held out to the end which he delayed for four Days.

The award was cited posthumously in the London Gazette but three days later news was received that he had been taken prisoner, He was freed later when Eritrea was conquered and fought with the Long Range Desert Group.

Born in 1912 son of Rev. Cyril Charles Clissold Wilson, Eric Charles Twelves Wilson of Long Crichel retired from the army in 1949 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and became a colonial administrator in Tanganika before retiring to a cottage at Stowell near Sherborne.

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