Alfred Oliver Pollard [1893-1960]
Victoria CrossOn 29 April 1917 at Gavrelle, France, the troops of various units had become disorganised owing to the heavy casualties from shell fire and a subsequent determined attack with very strong forces caused further confusion and retirement. Second Lieutenant Pollard realised the seriousness of the situation and with only four men he started a counter-attack with bombs, pressing it home until he had broken the enemy attack and regained all that had been lost and much ground in addition. This officer's splendid example inspired courage into every man who saw him.

Alfred Oliver Pollard was born at Wallington, Surrey, 4 May 1893 and died on 4 December 1960 at Bournemouth where he was cremated.  His Victoria Cross is on public display at The Honourable Artillery Company Museum (London, England)

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