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2000 The Dorset Page


Researcher: Graham Hart
Other Names: Lucas Skinner Brown Dominey Coffin Old Damen Sherring

In 1841,1851 the family were in Wareham. James LUCAS married Ann ??. Children were Annie(m Skinner), Charles (m a BEST) and Jane. There are three Marriages that match in Dorset and we think it is James Lucas of Nether Cerne marrying Ann OLD at Church Knowle. Our ANN is born in Charminster but we can't find her... We have a LOT of info on LUCAS' in the area from Dorchester to Purbeck. James and Ann's Daughter Annie married John Skinner from Organford. - BROWN, DOMINEY, and FANCY are all ancestors down this line. Any LUCAS information welcome. If I have to get every LUCAS line in DORSET to sort this out then I will.

Researcher: Antony Robin Lane
Other Names: Lane Miller Williams Andrews Drake

George Lane born 1833(Huntspil Somerset) married to Hanna Andrews born 1831 (Ware Somerset)Moved to Sturminster Newton Dorset had 5 children Joesph 1863,Henry 1869, Hanna(Fanny) 1871 Elisa Jane 1873 married a Henry Miller 1895 & Alice. Joesph Lane married a Mary Lane1887 had a son Reginald Sydney Lane born 1904 married a May Drake born 1906 plus 2 other children Tom, Ivy.Reg and May had 4 sons Donald,Ivor,Raymond & Peter Lane. Me I'am the son of Donald Lane my wifes maiden name was Williams and her family were Fancy's

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Researcher: Bill Pritchett
Other Names: Forsey

George born 17 Apr 1748 Netherbury, Dorset. Parents Samuel Forsey, Mary Farthing

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Researcher: Thomas R Cole
Other Names: Cole Chalk Porter Minchin Ayers Crew Hobbs Powell Tucker Ackerman Squires Randall White Faulkner

Any info Cole and Forrest families at Wimborne Minster, Chalk family near Christchurch, Porter near Poole, Minchin at Christchurch, Ayers at Poole, Crew at Sturminster Newton and Buckhorn Weston, Hobbs at Stalbridge, Powell and Tucker families, Ackerman at Broadwindsor, Squires near Poole, Randall and White at Christchurch, Faulkner near Ringwood,

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Researcher: Ferrett J

Can you help me find details on my family name of FERRETT. Links back to Gussage All Saints in Dorset England 1806-1896 Also a possible link with the Frampton family name, and the origin of "FERRETT" in America in the 1800's.

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Researcher: Perry Kendall
Other Names: Kendall

I am researching my families roots in Dorset County; namely Kendall of Marnhull and Fiander of Milton Abbas. My G.G.G. Grandfather John Kendall (c. 1812-1885) came out to Newfoundland in the employ of Newman and Company c. 1835, eventually settling in Ramea, Newfoundland. My G.G.G.G. Grandfather Stephen Fiander was born to a Samuel and Susannah Fiander, Oct. 25, 1804 in Coomb's Cove, Newfoundland. This family may have originated in Milton Abbas. Any info on the Kendall and Fiander families of both Marnhull and Milton Abbas would be appreciated!


Researcher: Samuel Fiander

Researching Fiander family history, particularly the possible links between the towns of Milton Abbas and/or Coombs, Dorsetshire and Fortune Bay, Newfoundland c. late 1700's - early 1800's. Any info, or e-mail contacts in the "Old Country" greatly appreciated.

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Researcher: Andrew Fisher

I am looking for more details of the FISHER family, living in the villages of Fontmell Magna, Iwerne Minster and Iwerne Courtney in the mid to late 19th Century. I believe that amongst they families they married into were the Green and Andrews families, from Fontmell.

ResearcherKarl Swartzel
Other Names: Dennis Dorset Compton Cook Henry Halsey Hulsey

I am researching my DENNIS and COMPTONS family history.

I have a copy of an 1800's map of Middletown, NJ inscribed with the names of the land owners re: J. DENNIS, COMPTON, FISHER, LEONARD, ETC..

What I have found out so far is these people were Ship Captains, fishermen, farmers, etc. whom migrated down the east coast from Mass. USA in the late 1600's. Some came from Rhode Island USA

Do you have any information you could share and I will be happy to do the same. MY DENNIS Ancestors were ship captains, brick makers, fishermen, farmers and Ministers.

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ResearcherPaul Reid
Other Names: Hansford

I am currently researching John Samual James Hansford and his wife Elizabeth Flew. They together with their 7 children immergrated to Australia in 1856. Any information in regards to their ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

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Researcher: Caroline Gurney
Other Names: Flower

I am researching the family name FLOWER or FLOUR in East Lulworth, Dorset. My earliest known ancestor is Richard FLOUR married Mary CATES 15 July 1728 at East Lulworth.

Website: Caroline Gurney's Family History

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Researcher: Caroline Gurney
Other Names: Flour

I am researching the family name FLOWER or FLOUR in East Lulworth, Dorset. My earliest known ancestor is Richard FLOUR married Mary CATES 15 July 1728 at East Lulworth.

Website: Caroline Gurney's Family History

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Researcher: Donna Johnson
Other Names: Allen Howell Trenchard

GGGrandparents Robert C. ALLEN and wife Julianna TRENCHARD had four daughters. Daughter Alice Allen and her twin sister were born May 1853 in Dorset. I have Alice's copy of "Tom Brown's School Days," inscribed: Alice Allen, Dec 20th 1871, Alford Lodge, Banbury. Alice married Thomas Vincent HOWELL, son of Thomas Howell, Sr. of Dorset and Jane Stammer FOGWELL of Portsmouth, on July 19, 1879 at Walton Church. Howell family owned an ironworks at Waterloo. Alice and Thomas immigrated to US, followed by his parents and his brothers and sisters. Am hoping to find information on these folks, their Dorset relations, and the locations mentioned above. Thanks for any help!

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Researcher: Graham Follett

Other Names: Hansford, Swaffield, Potter. Searching for history before late 19th century of FOLLETT's. They would be found in and around Bridport, Bothenhampton and Symondsbury and, during the late 19thC, were mainly employed in the rope/flax trade, although I seem to remember somewhere seeing a jute and hemp grower called Follett listed in 18thC farmers list in Shipton Gorge. Did they originate from Devon where there were a lot of Folletts around Topsham and exeter in 18thC? Other names - of my g-parents and gg-parents are Potter, Hansford and Swaffield. Please e-mail with any info.

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Researcher: Frank A. Foote
Other Names: Bartlett

I am looking for info on my great grandparents Robert and Elizabeth FOOT (BARTLETT) who gave birth to 12 childern including Frederick Foot Aug 21 1882 in Shaftesbury, county of Dorset. Frederick was the Youngest of 10. brothers were Francis, Albert, (twins), Edwin Alexander, Samuel Setti, Jorsah George, sisters Clara, Alice Jane, Susan Elizabeth, Mary Louisa. If any are knowm to anyone reading this please contact me , Frank A. Foote at or at 2595 St Patrick's , Windsor Ontario. Canada N9E 3G5.

Researcher: Lesli Langsmith
Other Names: Rabbetts Rose

I am looking for more information on Susanna FOOT(T) who married Thomas RABBETTS. The only child I know of was Elizabeth RABBETTS, born 14 Sep. 1724 Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Elizabeth married Joseph ROSE on 7 Feb. 1748 at Shillingston, Dorset.

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Researcher Ann Bachtold

I am looking for the parents of Titus Foote. Titus b. ca. 1780, in Dorset, Eng. Married, Susannah. Need names of her parents also. Am also looking for the parents of John Park, b. 1849, Hooke, Dorset. Married Tamar, maiden name unknown. Need names of her parents. Titus's daughter, Elizabeth married Joseph Mabey 14 April 1829 in Cerne Abbas, Dorset. John's daughter, Eliza Ann married Joseph Mabey, Jr. 30 Aug. 1872 in Cerne Abbas, Dorset.

Researcher: Dave Ridout

Have traced Ridout to Milton Abbas and Sturminster Newton. RobertFoot(e) fathers Charles Ridout by Mary Ridout. She eventually marries William Hall.All circa 1820. Trying to locate marriage of John Ridout from Sturminster Newton and Ann ? they have child John Ridout 1767 in Sturminster Newton but where is Ann from and where did they marry.

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Researcher: Thomas R Cole
Other Names: Cole

Thomas COLE born Wimborne Minster 1767 son of Richard COLE and Sarah (FORREST). Sarah Forrest born about 1735 at Shapwick, Dorset

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Researcher: Bill Pritchett
Other Names: Farthing

George born 17 Apr 1748 Netherbury,Dorset. Parents Samuel Forsey, Mary Farthing

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Researcher: Terry Fox (Mr.)
Other Names:

I am interested in finding out details of my personal family tree. My grandfather came from Cerne Abbas, surname 'FOX'. Can anyone help?

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Researcher: Marcy Frantom
Other Names:

Hello! My friend, who is an English monumental brasses scholar, sent me information on an effigy of James FRAMPTON of Moreton d. 1523. The text and footnote give reference to a Frampton pedigree "shown in Hutchins I, 398-9." Do you have any idea where I might obtain a copy of these pages?

ResearcherPeter Frampton

Looking for any connection with Framptons.Felthams or Kearleys. Born in Marnhull or Shapwick. Dorset

Researcher: Carole Ann Farley
Other Names: Blackmore Weare Polhill

Am searching for the ancestors of John BLACKMORE of Kington Magna alive 1670 dead in 1685. Married to Joane WEARE. Also searching for Edward POLHILL of New Inn Hall, rector of Compton, and Vicar of Dinton. Died 1732. Married Mary FRAMPTON. Need history of Rev Robert Frampton, Rector of Donhead St Andrews

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Researcher: Diane Rivet

Searching for info on Selina Langdon who married Samuel Francis, Dorset. Also searching for info on Jane and Clementine Budgell who each married William Francis. Diane in Saskatchewan, Canada

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Researcher: Peter Frend

I am researching my family history and would like to hear from any descendants of the "Frend" family who live around the Parkestone & Poole area. Any relations of the late Martha Annie Frend (nee Hitchman from Tilehurst,Reading)born in 1882 & Ernest Albert Frend born in Holt? Dorset around 1885.

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Researcher: Sue Dimech

of WIMBOURNE,DOREST ABEGAIL (ABBEY) FREEBORN born 1806 to father JOHN no record of mother. ABBey married RICHARD HABGOOD any help would be appricated.

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Researcher: Robin Linn
Other Names: Dyke Lane Mills Whitemore Coomes

Beaminster, Cattistock area, 1600 up.

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Researcher: Pamela Cowgill
Other Names: Futcher Maidment Bailey

The FRENCH family were farmers living at Cowgrove but the family originated in Christchurch which was then in Hants but now in Dorset. The MAIDMENT's married the FUTCHER's who originated from Cranborne, they connect to the BAILEY's at Gussage all Saints and St Michael

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Researcher: Pamela Boyer Porter

Seeking info on Elias FUDGE, born 1817, Corscombe, Dorset, died after 1891, Occupation Tailor. He was baptised in the Parish of Corscombe 2 March 1817, son of Sarah Fudge, abode Corscombe, single woman, ceremony performed by Minister. Married Isabel LEGG, b. 1816 in Isle of ? or Evershot, Dorset, died after 1891. Had these children: Fredric, Ann S. (married CRITCHFIELD), Robert C., Joseph, Richard (married Jane CURTIS and emigrated to United States abt 1880), Elias, Cornelius John, Charles. Elias also had a sister, Caroline FUDGE, b. 1833 in Corscombe. Will share info with anyone researching these lines.

Researcher: Oz Morris

Seeking any reference to these surnames in the area of Hilton & surrounds and in Broadway & surrounds.

Researcher: Peter Morris

Any info on these surnames is appreciated as I have limited details at this stage. Any info on the "Hartfoot Lane" location in Dorset would also be of great help.

Researcher: Edward William Fudge
Website: Edward Fudge

Seeking ancestor of Jacob Fudge,Sr. born 1723 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (USA). Believed of English origin, but no records available in USA.

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Researcher: Ray Rates
Other Names: Haydon Cull

seeking information on FURBER pre 1830 Purbeck area Framton Church Knoll yeoman farmers.
HAYDON pre 1830 Maiden Newton Plasteres Tilers
CULL Purbeck area pre 1830 minor gentry

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Researcher: Pamela Cowgill
Other Names: French Maidment Bailey

The FRENCH family were farmers living at Cowgrove but the family originated in Christchurch which was then in Hants but now in Dorset. The MAIDMENT's married the FUTCHER's who originated from Cranborne, they connect to the BAILEY's at Gussage all Saints and St Michael

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