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Researcher: Roy a'Court

Looking for a'Court family information. Living around to Fifehead Magdalen, Marnhull area at the beginning of the 1800's. Looking for information before this date OR sources in the area where further research can be carried out

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Researcher: Thomas R Cole
Other Names:

Require info on Abraham Ackerman born 1745 Broadwindsor, son of Daniel and Jane. Daniel was in the Drimpton tything for 1781. Also Norris family members witnessed the will of Daniel Ackerman

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Researcher: John H. Mabey, Jr.
Other Names: Mabey Maber Chalker Demet Hoskins Howe

I am interested in family history information about any MABEY family who lived in and around the Mapperton - Powerstock - Wraxall area of Dorset, just north of Bridport, during the time period of the 1850's and before. Information I have on my direct Mabey line is as follows:

  • Albert Mabey, born 4 Sep 1843, Wraxall, son of:

  • Thomas Mabey, born 15 Oct 1812, Mapperton, son of:

    • Married Esther Chalker

  • William Mabey, chr 21 Sep 1777, Mythe (Mapperton), son of:

    • Married Sarah Ackerman

  • Jonathan Mabey, born 22 Feb 1748, Mythe, son of:

    • Married Ann Demet

  • Jonathan Mabey, chr 10 Jan 1725, Powerstock, son of:

    • Married Mary Ackerman

  • Jonathan Maber(?), abt 1696, Powerstock.

Anyone having information on the above persons, or who shares a common interest, please contact me. The other surnames I have posted also connect into my Mabey line (all from Dorset).

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Researcher: Nick Brooks
Other Names: Brooks Greening Welch Moon Lester

Searching for the BROOKS family, mainly from Bridport. My grandfather was Harold Septimus Victor Brooks, born London 1897, married Gertrude May Lester, 1925.
Harold's parents were Henry John BROOKS, born Bridport 1856, & Jane GREENING, born South Poorton 1856.
Henry John's parents were: Edmund William BROOKS, born Symondsbury 1812, & Sarah WELCH, born Bridport 1816.
Edmund's parents were: Joseph BROOKS, born Wells, Somerset 1777 & Temperance MOON, born Watchet 1782.


Researcher: Geoff Adams

I have been researching the Adams Family History in Newfoundland, Canada for the past 15 to 20 years and have run up against a wall wherein I have traced the family name back to a Thomas Addams who moved to Bonivista, Newfoundland, Canada in the early 1700's. He died there in 1729. What we do know is that he was 29 years old when he died and he was from Frampton, Dorset, England. He died in 1729. This is where the line gets a wee bit foggy as I am having trouble finding any connection to this town and its inhabitants and if the family name of Adams/Addams is still in existance there. If there is anyone out there who is a descendent of this man or is from this area of Dorset that can enlighten me in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping to visit in the next year and I would like to make this a part of my trip. Thamk you for your assistance Cheers

Researcher: Yvette Adams
Other Names: Cook

My paternal grandfather Frederick Henry ADAMS was born at 22 Sherborne Lane, Lyne Regis, Dorsetshire on 10 October 1919.
My parents have his birth certifcate in their possession in Wellington, New Zealand. I am the one interested in the family tree tracing though and I am about to go overseas and plan to visit the area before the year is out.
If people want to contact me directly they can e-mail me on:
The application number on the certificate is P.A.S.15690/54P
His fathers name was Frederick Henry Adams and his mother Violet Rhoda Adams, formerly COOK.
It is my understanding that Frederick Henry Adams was born in Taradale, New Zealand and was representing NZ in the UK in the first World War when he met Violet.
His rank or profession is listed as Coporal 2nd Canterbury Battalion New Zealand No 4683
My parents also have in their possession the marriage certificate of Frederick Henry Adams and Violet Rhoda Cook.
This application number is: P.A.S.15690/54.F.
In this document Violet's occupation is listed as a laundress.
Fredrick Henry Adams' father's name is given as Frederick Henry Adams also, whose profession was a carpenter. Documents I have found in New Zealand however lead me to believe that Frederick Henry's fathers name was in fact Frederick Charles Adams (according to ship records).
Violet's fathers name is given as William Cook, a general labourer and her mothers name Rhoda Cook.
The marriage took place on 5 August 1919 at the Registers Office at Axminster in the District of Axminster in the Counties of Devon and Dorset.
I would like to hear from anyone who

1) is a relative!
2) has any information related to my ancestors

It is very hard to gain such information from New Zealand.
Yours sincerely

YVette Adams

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Researcher: Lindsey Bentley
Other Names: Willett

Seeking information about the WILLETT family of Merly House, Wimborne C.1750-1800. Particularly nephews Lawrence and Willett ADYE. I'd love to know what happened to the family after the house was sold C.1800

ResearcherR. Tovell

I am looking for Maria Davies, wife of Thomas Davies, Royal Artillery (1737-1812). I believe she was a member of the Adye/Willett family, related to Ralph Willett, and Stephen Adye (also RA), and John Willett Adye (who took the name John Willett Willett upon inheriting Merly House from Ralph Willett.

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Researcher: Donna Johnson
Other Names: Howell Trenchard Fogwell

GGGrandparents Robert C. ALLEN and wife Julianna TRENCHARD had four daughters. Daughter Alice Allen and her twin sister were born May 1853 in Dorset. I have Alice's copy of "Tom Brown's School Days," inscribed: Alice Allen, Dec 20th 1871, Alford Lodge, Banbury. Alice married Thomas Vincent HOWELL, son of Thomas Howell, Sr. of Dorset and Jane Stammer FOGWELL of Portsmouth, on July 19, 1879 at Walton Church. Howell family owned an ironworks at Waterloo. Alice and Thomas immigrated to US, followed by his parents and his brothers and sisters. Am hoping to find information on these folks, their Dorset relations, and the locations mentioned above. Thanks for any help!

Researcher:Chris Bozman
Other Names: Burton/Burten Benton/Benten

Rosetta Allen was born to Samuel ALLEN and Matilda B----- (could be any of the B surnames listed above), 19 Oct 1839 in Wimborne, Dorset. Family legend says Rosetta's uncle "kidnapped" her, brought her to the States and "married her off." Any information on the Allens, and information as to Matilda's correct maiden name, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Researcher:Sandy Carter
Other Names:

John ALLEN was born in Weymouth, Dorsethire England 1605-1609. He married Christian Bacon 1635-1640 in Bridgewater, Somersetshire, England and died May 12, 1689 in Sawnsea, Bristol County, Mass., USA. Anyone researching this ALLEN line please contact me and I will be glad to exchange information.
Thank you.

Researcher: Debs
Other Names: Slade Spratt Scott

Charles ALLEN married Sarah SCOTT in 1830 at Wimborne. She gave her birth place as Sherborne c. 1806. Anyone seen her?

Mary SLADE married Samuel SPRATT in 1738, Winfrith Newburgh. She was the sister of John SLADE, Newfoundland merchant, who married Martha HAYTER. I would appreciate any further information on this family - forwards or backwards

Samuel SPRATT married Mary SLADE in Winfrith Newburgh in 1738. A couple of their children were baptised in Wareham but I know they had more. Can any one help me trace this family? The SPRATTs were, by all accounts, wealthy traders with Newfoundland who went broke!

George Nicholson ALLEN married Francis Mary SPRATT in Poole in 1782. I would appreciate any further information on this family

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Researcher: Stephen Charles Phillips
Other Names: Phillips Langdon

Request any information on Charles Davis Phillips b. 1.07.1892. Bere Regis (my grandfather) and his father Charles Phillips (nickname Blondin ) (married to ? Langdon) Butt Lane , Bere Regis.

Charles Davis Phillips. Joined 3rd Dorset Militia 1909. Great War 1914 Mons Star. 1st Battle of Ypres, wounded, wounded again Palestine . Discharged 16.9.1919 unfit further service. Married. Nellie May Maude Ames in Bournemouth and had 2 children Charles and Peter Phillips. Had own Painting and Decorating business" CD Davis" in Bournemouth circa 1935-50. d.30.11.1971

Researcher: Stephen Hyne

Searciing for relatives of Samuel Henry Ames born Charlton Marshall 1887. Father James Ames born Child Oakford mother Elizabeth (Crann). They had another son Reginald living in Winchester and Percy living in Bere Regis.

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Researcher: Dorothy Amey

My GGGrandfather John Amey, born 1788 at Cranborne married Elizabeth Lawford. He came to Australia in 1840s and died and was buried here. No mention of his wife coming to Australia. Would be very grateful for any info about Amey or Lawford.

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Researcher: Karen Chessell

I am researching four DORCHESTER families: Hounsell, Amor, Harris and Hiron. My HOUNSELL ancestors originated from LONG BREDY: William Hounsell married Elizabeth Lowman in 1759. The Hounsells later established a stonemason business at BROADWEY, near Weymouth.

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Researcher Antony lane

My research goes back to Joesph LANE HUNTSPIL SOM. His Son George LANE(1836) married Hanah ANDREWS (1831) of WARE SOM they had 8 children. Edward(1860),Annie Marie(1861),Joesph(1863),Susan(1864)all at HUNTSPIL the family then moved to STURMINSTER NEWTON DOR. Henry(1869),Hannah(1871),they then moved to STALBRIDGE DOR. Eliza Jane(1873), Alice M.(1876). Susan married Charles CARTER 11th OCT1883 Annie Marie married James HATCHER 5thFEB1885 Joesph married Mary LANE 1887 Eliza married Henry MILLER 18th SEPT1895.

Researcher: Gerry Andrews

David Andrews, Cranborne, Dorsetshire Sailed on "The Henry Duncan" from Poole for Canada on April 24,1859.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Elizabeth Mary Andrews

Robert Andrews m. Eliz. Drew Oct.31st,1837 at St.Gregory's Church in Marnhull, Dorset. Robert was the son of John and Grace Andrews of Marnhull. Robert was a yeoman farmer mentioned in the Marn'll Book written for the Festival of Britain. Robert arrived in Australia as a widower with six children. My great grandfather, Walter arrived on board the "Jessore" in 1853 with his father and the rest of his siblings, Elizabeth having died in childbirth with a daughter (also named Elizabeth)2 weeks before arrival in Port Phillip (Melbourne, Victoria).
Seeking other branches of the family who might still be in the Marnhull, Dorset district.

Researcher: Antony Robin Lane

George Lane born 1833(Huntspil Somerset) married to Hanna Andrews born 1831 (Ware Somerset)Moved to Sturminster Newton Dorset had 5 children Joesph 1863,Henry 1869, Hanna(Fanny) 1871 Elisa Jane 1873 married a Henry Miller 1895 & Alice. Joesph Lane married a Mary Lane1887 had a son Reginald Sydney Lane born 1904 married a May Drake born 1906 plus 2 other children Tom, Ivy.Reg and May had 4 sons Donald,Ivor,Raymond & Peter Lane. Me I'am the son of Donald Lane my wifes maiden name was Williams and her family were Fancy's

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Researcher: Anne Morgan

I am searching for descendants of the following members of the Angel family, who were born at Bridport, Dorset: Captain Henry Robert Angel, b 1829 Charlotte Angel , b 1827 and married Captain Thomas Roots Jarvis. Robert Angel, b 1833, Alfred Angel, 1835, Richard Angel, 1837, Edwin Angel, 1845 and Albion Angel 1848. In particular, I am interested in information about (Emily) Flores Angel, christened 1856 in London, daughter of Capt Henry Robert Angel or her brother, Capt. Falkland Angel, christened 1860. If any descendants of these Angels can contact me, I have a very interesting story to tell you !

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Researcher: John Holwell

James ANSTEY, born Poole, Dorset circa 1740s who is believed to have emigrated to Twillingate, Newfoundland around 1767. He may be the same James ANSTEY who was noted as a nephew of Andrew MILLER of Poole on 2 April 1767 (re Andrew's will). Andrew also had connections to Newfoundland, at Bonavista. Any information would be very appreciated.

ResearcherRowena Moyes

I'm looking for information about my grandmother's family.
Maud Marion (or Maud Mary) Anstey was born April 1895 to
Joseph and Bessie (nee Stevens).
Joseph was a farmer in Morden, near Poole.
His father was John, also a farmer.
Bessie's father was Thomas Stevens, a bailiff.
In 1915, Maud married Robert Steerment.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Researcher: Michael Applin

Grandfather and Father from Bere Regis although I think my grandfather's family is from Childe Okeford

Researcher: Val Messer

Interested in hearing from anyone researching these names in the area of Broadwindsor, Netherbury, Thorncombe or Cheddington. Also seeking the burial of William Aplin and his wife Susannah (nee Bowditch) in the Chard area in the early 1800s.

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Researcher: Una Foden
Other Names:

Searching for bap. of William Archer, b c1793, in the Weymouth area. Name could appear as Orchard.

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Researcher: David Arnold

William John Arnold (1817-1893) and his cousin William Arnold born in Dorset England went to Greenspond Newfoundland in 1836. John thence to Traytown and William to Thimble Cove Newfoundland. William Arnold is my direct line and I am starting to trace him in Dorset. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Researcher: Shelley Nelson
Other Names: Cooper

Looking for the earliest information,starting (late 14th century to 18th century)in both Wiltshire and Dorset. Interested in a man by the name of Benidict Ashley,Lord of Wiltshire Manor. Also about the Ashley Cooper connection.

Anything would be of great interest.
Thank you

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Researcher: Jeffrey W. Martin

Looking for info on Ashmore(s). I found info that a William & John Ashmore born before 1634 in Dorset or Isle of Wight, England. Both immigrated to the U.S. on the ship " Ark & Dove"

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Researcher: Thomas R Cole
Other Names: Cole Chalk Porter Minchin Crew Hobbs Powell Tucker Ackerman Squires Randall White Faulkner

Any info Cole and Forrest families at Wimborne Minster, Chalk family near Christchurch, Porter near Poole, Minchin at Christchurch, Ayers at Poole, Crew at Sturminster Newton and Buckhorn Weston, Hobbs at Stalbridge, Powell and Tucker families, Ackerman at Broadwindsor, Squires near Poole, Randall and White at Christchurch, Faulkner near Ringwood,

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Researcher: Sue Sutton
Other Names: Larcombe

Searching for info and descendants of William LARACOMBE and Mary ASHTON/ASHMENT, 1820'S in South Perrott

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Researcher: bob Hatcher
Other Names: Hatcher Burt Russell Hussey Crowder

researching any /all of the names in DORSET from 1500 to the modern day but primarily the HATCHER family.

Website: The English Hatcher home page
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